Friday, July 07, 2006

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned

Headed out to Petco Park on Sunday for a game - SD vs. SF. Wow, two teams I couldn't care less about. (Mental note: when going to a random ball park for a game, try to pick a game where you actually care about at least one of teams, or maybe a player or something.)

Things I dug:

1. The scene: I love that they used downtown in their planning. I feel like Cleveland tried to ignore their location when building the ball park, but in San Diego they really used the backdrop to their advantage, giving the park a very cool, unique feel. My favorite part was their use of one of an old brick building; instead of tearing it down, they gutted it and left the facade. (I'll attach a picture when I think of it....Don't hold your breath.)

2. The possibilities: There are a bunch of condos going up right outside of the park which will have KILLER views of the games. I'm not even into baseball and I think that would be an awesome feature to your condo. I'd be in for that.

3. The location: Easy to walk to from anywhere in downtown, trolley runs right there, pedicabs to take you wherever you need to go in downtown (if you're too lazy to walk), etc... That's my one issue with Chavez Ravine; once you're there, you're trapped. If traffic sucks, dig in, you're not going anywhere. And, there's nowhere to kill a wee bit of time before traffic eases. In downtown SD, you have so much to do and see if you don't want to jump in your car immediately.

A few issues I have with the stadium:

1. No enough women's restrooms. There were two little boys rooms for every little girls' room.

2. The hot dogs are vicious...seriously, they fight for their survival: first, they're not very good, trying to sway you from eating them; and second, when you're almost done eating them, they attack you, making a final run for freedom....mustard everywhere, quite a gruesome scene.

3. You need a treasure map to find your seats. Ok, we've been to quite a few baseball games; between us we have 2 college degrees not to mention possess various certificates and other problem-solving skills and it still took us way too long to find our section.

All in all, I dug the Petco and would definitely return.


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