Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jeremy spoke in class today

but not at the Pearl Jam concert.

Yes, you can hate me. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to score tickets to the free Pearl Jam show at the Henry Fonda last night. I didn't win them, work for them, ask for them or really even think about them.

"Wanna go see Pearl Jam?"

"Sure. No one else wants to go?"

"I already asked ----, and she's going to Warped Tour."

"Cool, I'm in."

So yeah. I rule.

I was once at the Fonda for an office Christmas party, which came in handy since that taught me the layout of the place so I didn't look like a total idiot (my usual music style). Its a great old venue. Its pretty small, three levels: 1st level, is well, lobby, potties, restaurant/bar, and the actual stage & floor of the theater; 2nd level is an outdoor patio, handy for VIP smokers, also complete with potties; 3rd level is the balcony with actual chairs to sit in to watch the show. And, for this particular performance you had to have the handy VIP writstband or badge to get up to the 3rd floor to actually sit down. (Yes, you can continue to hate me.) So, that was nice.

We got there in the middle of Sonic Youth's set. (Don't blame me; traffic was HORRID last night and I was stuck at work late. You really should have seen what I wore...litterally the first shirt, pair of jeans and shoes I saw. I was 15 seconds away from wearing my work clothes.) Sonic Youth was cool but not exactly our sound so we got to know the two bars there and to chat with our ticket benefactor.

Around 9 (when PJ was scheduled to go on) we wandered up to the balcony and scored seats right in front of the sound booth. Shockingly, PJ only went on 10 minutes late and played a really strong set...definately how I remembered them. And, as I remembered them, they played a few songs at the end that lost the crowd. One thing I didn't remember were Eddie's smoke breaks during the concert.

Yeah, do a guitar solo, I need a cigarette. Cool, thanks.

Sings a few more songs...

Yeah, now you do a drum solo or something, I need another break.

So, that sort of broke the crazy vibe the concert had.

We wandered downstairs to enjoy the end of the show on the floor. Its interesting to see how my age group has, well, aged. The stupid frat boys can now enjoy alcohol *at* the venue as opposed to boozing it up before they get in. And, now those stupid frat boys make all sorts of money and have all sorts of connections. Obviously there were the uber-cool music people there as well as the I'm-so-lucky-to-be-here KROQ winners. So that was fun to watch.

They played a few more songs & were "done." A quick smoke break (this time off stage) and they returned, played a song and then played a song with...Tim Robbins?. Now before you think I'm making fun of him, you need to know that he's been a personal crush of mine for YEARS (Shawshank, The Player) but I wondered how many of the KROQ kids actually knew who he was. Tim was lead vocals on an X song and played a wee bit of guitar. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty psyched if my dad walked up on that stage with PJ....and that's how it felt when he was up there.

"Damn, Dad's cool!"

Tim left the stage & PJ played a few other songs...but really the "encore" wasn't a huge thrill. Again, don't get me wrong, it was a great show, but I (and most of the rest of the crowd who opted to leave early) lost the vibe.

All in all, a strong show as a great venue.


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