Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rave: Jax (Mpls)

On Friday, twelve (12) of us descended upon the unsuspecting servers at Jax. I had never heard of Jax, didn't know a thing about Jax, hadn't a clue to what to expect from Jax. After we parked, walking towards Jax, it looks like any other nice restaurant. Hell, even inside it looks like a lovely place. But step outside onto the patio on an evening like the one we had, and holy cow, are you in for a surprise. I had no idea, in the middle of the city, there would be this lovely, garden, complete with a small waterfall...very sweet.

Normally, you think of groups six (6) or more at a restaurant, you think cold food, bad service, etc... But not at Jax. The servers were lovely & attentive. The food was yummy and fresh. The atmosphere was friendly and even, under the proper setting, quite romantic. And, might I add, there was quite the good looking crowd; everyone looked nice, but no one was overly dressed, trying too hard, or looked uncomfortable. Now, all of this doesn't come cheap (not that it should) but be prepared for entrees between $25-50. Is the food worth that? Hell yeah. Would I go back? In a heartbeat. Should you go? Absolutely.


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What was that URL again?

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I amuse the hell out of myself.

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