Sunday, August 06, 2006

The Surreal Live - Part IV

I really don't live the most glamourous life. I live what I consider an "L.A" sort of life filled with expensive hair cuts (althought I'll let you know how this new one goes which should be at least half of what I've been paying) and sample sales. So, at Jonathan Salon or Hollywood Yard Sale, I would expect to see celebrities. But, in the rest of my quiet existance, knitting most weekend nights and running errands, I don't expect to see the beautiful people because I don't spend time in those areas. I guess that's why it amuses me so when celebrities cross my path. But, enough about me, lets talk about what I did yesterday.

So, Surfas had a HUGE parking lot sale (Bedlam, I tell you). Following some oddly good deals and un petit dejeuner, I headed over to what was supposed to be a killer yarn sale. Although I didn't find anything, a celebrity very quietly donated some very cool baby items she and her mom had made. It was such a nice moment.

It struck me so because I can't say most of my experiences with celebrities have been nice...interesting perhaps, but not usually nice. I was once threatened when ringing up two pairs of jeans, told I wasn't moving fast enough (for the record, I was the fasted cashier at the store), and been the attempted butt of a dirty joke (don't mess with a 17 year old with an attitude). Nice isn't usually a word associated with Los Angeles. Minneapolis is a nice town. Los Angeles, is well, LA. I guess that's why nice was such an unusual moment.


Blogger academic-drifter said...

Here's three comments:

1) Wow, after a few encounters like the early ones you mention, I can see how life in L.A. can quickly lose its glamour.

2) I can see your love of Minneapolis is growing. ;-)

3) Any chance we'll be seeing the new haircut anytime soon?

10:42 PM  
Blogger digital janitor said...

4. She'll be moving to Minneapolis any day now.

5. HAHAHAHAHAaaaa *cough*

10:32 PM  

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