Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Picture is Worth 11 Words

Ok, so that covers work.

Fast forward to dinner time...its about 6:30pm and Dick & Jane and I are out for our nightly walk. Its quiet out. Eerie quiet. Weird quiet. Dick is on high alert, I'm a little freaked out and Jane is just fine, limping along sticking her nose everywhere it shouldn't be. It was like a scene out of a Stephen King novel. Here we are in the middle of this HUGE city and its just silent out, no movement, no noise. Either the world is ending or everyone is out to dinner. Jane, as taught by the zen-master Hanna, knows everyone is out to dinner. Dick & I still aren't so sure.

Happy Valentine's Day - - - hope yours was filled with pretty flowers, yummy treats and lots of people and/or dogs and/or cats to love and torment.

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