Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Can't not say anything

So I was avoiding the whole fire blogging thing. But, seeing as we're on day three and I have friends and family in harm's way, I can't really post about yarn or decorations in the office before covering this.

As of 6pm last night, all friends and family were accounted for. However, that was over 12 hours ago so now we being the round-up again.

After watching both the local and national news I feel like I should say a few things to my non-so-cal friends/readers. The first fires were caused by nature. That's pretty much been established. But, anything caused by nature has to be copied by dumb-ass people so now we're dealing with arson. And no, L.A. is not on fire. I mean, don't get me wrong there are about 15 fires burning up and down southern California, but L.A. itself is not burning. Malibu is. Malibu is not only a beach community but is also filled with pretty canyons and people have horses and stuff. That's what's on fire, at least locally. For the best map I've seen yet, click here. (Thanks to s.ly)

"Ok, so you're in the city, what effects are you feeling?"

So glad you asked. It really depends on where in the city you are. For the valley kids, they're dealing with alot more of the smoke and ash than those of us on the westside are. That doesn't mean that we don't have the particulates running around. In fact, my mom who never gets allergies is suffering right now 'cause she's not in A/C all day.

"Hey, we hear you're pretty sickly. How do you keep out of harm's way?"

Another damn fine question. Those of us with respiratory issues just stay inside. I work in a small 5 story building with A/C for days so I'm really good here. And since I park in the building, I really only have to go outside between my car and my house. And, as Dick will tell you, that's all of the outside world I'm seeing. If I'm not at work, I'm in my room with my air purifier watching the news and knitting.

"So you mentioned local vs. national news, what's the difference?"

The national news is oddly amusing. The say things like "I'm standing in a place known as Canyon Country." Seriously, exact quote from NBC last night. For those of us here, that's like saying "I'm standing in a place known as Cleveland." So yeah, they don't quite understand the communities here.

The local news kids have really stepped it up the last few days. I have mad respect for what they're doing. Granted we had the Chuck Henry "Stupid Truck" incident a few years back, (he didn't leave the scene of a fire when asked and then had to be rescued by the fire department when his news van caught on fire) but the reporters this time around have been super respectful of the firefighters and have really been in the thick of things to bring everyone up to the minute news of where exactly the fires are, what homes and businesses have been lost and really what's going on. Personally, I feel better knowing what's going on rather than just guessing what's on fire and what isn't. But, I'm a little weird.

If any of y'all have any questions, let me know.

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Blogger Ellen Bloom said...

Excellent informational post, Jenna.

I've had calls from relatives all over the country asking if my yarn stash is susceptible to the flying embers! Gosh! I hope not, thanks to plastic containers. Just think about all of that combustible ACRYLIC yarn I have. Yikes.

11:23 AM  

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